VIDEO – How to Install a Cantilever Umbrella on a Timber Deck


Tips for a Successful Install:

  • Before you get started, check you have the correct tools needed to install the Cantilever Umbrella to the timber deck
  • Watch our installation video several times before commencing
  • Measure and mark out your where you would like to install the Cantilever Umbrella, before drilling any holes in the decking
  • Carefully remove the timber decking either side of the base plate
  • Ensure the nog you are installing underneath the base plate, (between the decking joists) is at least 400mm wide for stability, and 50-100mm thick
  • The bolts to secure the base plate to the decking/nog will need to be longer than the thickness of your nog
  • Use large washers and nuts to secure the bolts underneath the nog
  • Once base plate is securely fastened, attach the spigot to the base plate using the supplied stainless steel spigot bolts
  • Re-attach your timber decking in place before mounting the umbrella to the spigot.
  • When the base plate has been secured to the decking, and the spigot to the plate, have someone help to lift the Cantilever Umbrella securely onto the spigot.

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