Commercial Umbrellas For COVID-Safe Outdoor Dining 2021

Are you a bar, cafe or restaurant looking to enhance your outdoor dining area in a COVID-Safe way?

We are the industry leaders in providing weather-proof shading solutions to the hospitality industry, with over 25 years experience. In these challenging times rest assured our professional advice will help you ascertain the most cost effective way of covering your patrons. Continue reading “Commercial Umbrellas For COVID-Safe Outdoor Dining 2021”

Outdoor Umbrella

Umbrella Base Options – how to safely secure your umbrella

When it comes to securing your umbrella there are many different options to choose from. The most important thing is that the umbrella is adequately stabilised and cannot fall over or blow away in the wind. Freestanding bases offer the flexibility of being able to move the umbrella, while fixed installation provides greater wind resistance.

This article discusses the different types of outdoor umbrella base options and helps you make the right choice for your home or business.

Freestanding base vs fixed installation

Freestanding base:

A freestanding base allows you to move the umbrella around your patio or café outdoor seating area. This can be good if there are several furniture settings that you want to shade with the one umbrella (eg. two different areas) or if you want to move the umbrella as the sun moves throughout the day.

Movable bases are also a great option if you’re living in a rental property and can’t get permission to do a fixed installation. Installations can also be problematic on balconies or rooftop terraces due to waterproofing issues, so freestanding bases are usually the best option for those settings.

When it comes to cafés, freestanding bases are the quickest and cheapest option as they don’t require organising council permission for umbrella installation, dial before you dig, etc. However for safety, your bases will require lots of weight (eg. additional sandbags) that your staff may have to bring in and out each day.

Fixed installations:

Fixed Installation UmbrellaFixed installations are the preferred option for maximum stability and safety of your umbrella. They are definitely the best option for larger umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas (which are inherently more vulnerable to wind due to their design). Fixed installation removes the risk of the umbrella toppling over from a gust of wind.

Some councils now require fixed umbrella installation in public spaces like footpaths.

Installing an umbrella is not difficult and a number of fittings are available to make the installation easier depending on what sort of ground surface you are fixing to (eg. concrete slab, timber decking, garden bed, etc).

Keep in mind however that even if an umbrella is installed, it is still not a permanent structure. The umbrella should still be closed and securely strapped when not in use, or in anticipation of strong winds.

How much weight is needed for a freestanding base?

Two things impact on the stability of a freestanding outdoor umbrella base:

  • The footprint (ie. the size of the base)
  • The weight

In simple terms, a base with a bigger footprint will provide more stability than a smaller one of the same weight. And the more weight the better to prevent your umbrella from toppling over in the wind. Another thing that can aid stability is a table – if the umbrella is positioned through the hole of a table, the table provides additional stability.

If you don’t plan to move your umbrella around, then select the biggest and heaviest base you can find. Our concrete bases are very heavy and are a great option for this scenario – for example our 45kg concrete base has a footprint of 650mm diameter and can safely support a large market umbrella like our 3m Square Monaco market umbrella.

If you need to move your umbrella and base regularly – for example a café that brings umbrellas in and out each day – it is better to select a less heavy base and add weight through additional sandbags. Our Café Series flat base plates weigh less than 20kg so can be carried by one person safely. A set of two sandbags adds an additional 30kg but can also be easily carried. These are the most popular option for Commercial Umbrellas.

Should I use a freestanding base with wheels?

freestanding base with wheelsWheels are a popular addition to umbrellas bases and can make the umbrella easier to move. However keep in mind that a heavy base with wheels still requires considerable strength to move it, especially if the ground surface is not perfectly smooth. It also makes the umbrella a little bit taller and a little bit more vulnerable to the wind.


Types of fixed installation

Umbrellas can be installed on pretty much any surface, but the installation method will vary and different installation fittings will be required. For example:

  • concrete patio/slab – fix a base plate to the concrete
  • timber decking – fix a base plate to the decking and reinforce the decking with additional timber underneath (known as a “nog” or a “noggin”)
  • garden bed or lawn – dig a hole and pour a concrete footing with an inground fitting in it for the umbrella to attach to
  • public area or footpath – install our specially designed inground socket & sleeve kits that feature a self-closing lid that closes over the hole when the umbrella is removed

Who should install my umbrella?

Outdoor Umbrella MelbourneWe always recommend hiring the services of a professional to install any of our umbrellas. This way, you can rest assured that the job is done properly. However, if you have the right tools and experience then DIY installations are relatively easy to carry out and we provide comprehensive instructions in our owner manuals.

We also have handy videos on our website where you can see the step-by-step process of carrying out the installation.

To find out more about the best Outdoor Umbrella Base Option for your home, contact our stockists today! For commercial projects, contact us with your requirements.


Commercial Umbrellas For COVID-Safe Outdoor Hospitality

Are you a restaurant, café, pub or club looking to expand your outdoor dining area in a COVID-Safe way?

We have over 25 years of experience in providing weather-proof shading solutions to the hospitality industry. In these difficult times you can trust us to give professional advice on the most cost effective way of covering your patrons. Continue reading “Commercial Umbrellas For COVID-Safe Outdoor Hospitality”

2Brothers Brewery Branded Umbrella

Branded Commercial Umbrellas

Behind the Scenes with 2Brothers Brewery:

The Making of an Instant Shade Umbrella

Come with us behind the scenes to see what is involved with producing a branded commercial umbrella. Once the initial phone call is made, we work closely with our clients to ensure the design matches their brand or idea perfectly.

The design is sent to our manufacturers in China, who turn this into reality. The branded commercial umbrella is cut, printed, sown, tested and then packaged and air freighted to us.

The excitement starts to build, whilst the umbrella is on it’s way. Once it arrive we dress the umbrella and ensure it is perfect for our client.

The umbrella is then either personally delivered, or freighted around Australia to our many varied clients, ready to create a dramatic visual impact.

Clients choose to have branded commercial umbrella for a variety of reasons, though one thing is always a certainty – a branded commercial umbrella is a fabulous way to create brand awareness, makes a statement and compliments a business beautifully.

Contact us for more information on having your brand added to a commercial umbrella, or click here.


Custom Branded Umbrellas

Quality Commercial Umbrellas for Sporting Events

We are proud to supply our umbrellas to the Australian Open tennis for another year. We can supply a range of shade-related services, including: producing quality commercial umbrellas for sponsors, hire of umbrellas on hot days, through to maintenance and safety certification.

Branded Umbrellas:

We produced custom branded umbrellas for numerous high profile companies, which provided valuable shade coverage. With a record number of patrons attending Melbourne and Olympic Park, this was an excellent source of marketing for our clients.

Custom Branded Umbrellas

Commercial Cafe Series Umbrellas:

These quality aluminium umbrellas have water repellent and UV resistant canopies, and are easy to open and close with a rope and pulley system – they were the perfect shade protection for the scorching heat during the tournament. They are also one of the few commercial umbrellas on the market with an Australian Certificate of Compliance Design (CoCD). The commercial cafe series umbrellas are also engineered to withstand wind speeds dictated by specific council and event safety requirements.

Commercial umbrellas

Commercial Cafe Series Umbrellas in Red

For more information on our commercial cafe series umbrellas, please click here.

For more information on custom printing umbrellas, please click here.

Wind Rated Umbrellas at Flemington Racecourse

Instant Shade umbrellas recently completed installation of high wind rated umbrellas at the Iconic Flemington Racecourse, in Melbourne. The umbrellas are located in a high wind area on a balcony deck, just off of the main race track, so needed to withstand the elements.

Our client chose custom printed Skyspan Vista Commercial Cantilever umbrellas, to provide shade for it’s patrons during the Spring Racing carnival.

The Skyspan Vista commercial umbrella has a wind rating to “W33 / 112km/h” when they are open, plus a cantilever arm allowing a clear area under the canopy. The Vista range is rotatable 360 degrees and are also retractable, allowing them to be closed in the cooler months if need be.

These high wind rated umbrellas come in a range of sizes, starting at 2.4m up to a huge 5.6m, and come in square, hexagonal and rectangular shapes.

These commercial umbrellas are low maintenance and made from structural grade steel, which is galvanized then powder coated. Custom printing is also an option, to ensure your business branding is highly visible, whilst providing shade to your patrons.

Skyspan Vista Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas at Flemington Racecourse

For projects where high wind rating umbrellas are required, we would recommend:

* Nova HD Heavy Duty umbrellas – for more information click here.

* Skyspan Structural umbrellas – for more information click here.


3m Square Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas Rooftop

Commercial Cantilever Umbrella

Are you wanting a unique umbrella with a modern edge for your next project? The European designed Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrella is the right decision for cafe, restaurant or resort environments.

It is made with the distinctive design of a flat canopy, plus hidden ribs, allowing the umbrella to unzip and fold back into itself, like a fan closing when not in use.

The Spectra Cantilever umbrella canopy is water repellent and UV resistant, can be washed if need be and comes in a range of stylish colours. It has fibreglass ribs that can bend and flex in the wind, plus an anodized aluminium mast which is rust free, and has no paint to crack or chip.

This commercial cantilever umbrella comes in a 3m square size, though has the option of an angled mast, or straight mast. The Spectra is very easy to use, and can be tilted along it’s mast to block out the low afternoon sun, as well as rotated 360 degrees.

This stunning umbrella is sure to add some dramatic impact where ever it is providing shade.

For further information, click here.

3m Square Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas in White with straight pole
3m Square Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas in White with straight pole
3m Square Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas in Red with Angled Pole
Branded Commercial umbrellas at 2 Brothers Brewery

Congratulations to 2Brothers Brewery

We love a local business success story – 2Brothers Brewery have taken out 3 golds and 2 trophies at the 2017 Australian International Beer Awards.

2Brothers is a hidden gem in Moorabbin. A Melbourne owned business, with all of their beer and cider made on site, they are also open to the public from Thurs – Sunday for meals and often have live music too.

With the need for a ‘beer garden’, they also needed somewhere to keep their patrons protected from the sun and the rain, for those brave enough to sit outdoors in Winter.

Instant Shade Umbrellas helped create Custom Printed umbrellas for their outdoor space, matching the business logo and colours to blend in beautifully.

Digital printing onto our umbrella fabric is a very easy process, where you are not limited by your design specifications.

The cafe series umbrellas are UV resistant and water repellent, and are a great easy option for breweries, cafes and restaurants.

Made with a lightweight anodized aluminium frame, the cafe series umbrellas won’t rust, flake or chip and are easy to open and close with a rope and pulley system.

Instant Shade Umbrellas cafe series range have moveable bases available if you need to store the umbrellas away, or they can be mounted into the ground.

For more information click here: Commercial Branded Umbrellas

Black Cafe Series umbrellas at Jackalope Mornington Peninsula

Hotel of the Year – Jackalope Mornington Peninsula

Instant Shade Umbrellas are proud to Congratulate the ‘Hotel of the Year’ and ‘Regional Hotel of the Year’ winner, Jackalope Mornington Peninsula for taking out these 2 awards at the Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Guide Awards for 2017.

This beautiful boutique hotel features an a stunning range of suites, modern art, fine dining, a cocktail lounge, cellar door and food store, in house massage, an Infinity pool plus the ‘Geode’ pool deck pavillion.

It is here on the Geode pool deck that our black cafe series umbrellas are featured, blending in seamlessly with the clean lines of architecture, overlooking the vineyard. A perfect example where ‘less is more’.

Our cafe series umbrellas are a classic yet contemporary option for poolside shade solutions, as they are UV resistant and water repellent, easy to open and close and are made from quality anodized aluminium frames, so you won’t have to worry about rusting, chipping or flaking.

Available in 4 sizes with 4 standard colours, they can be installed into decking via an inground fitting, or can be mounted in a base plate if you need to move them around.

For more information, please click here – Commercial Cafe Series Umbrellas