The Finbrella canopy has a conventional inverted bowl shape until the ‘Fin’ is deplyed by simply pulling the rope and fixing it into position.

With the ‘Fin’ deployed, the canopy assumes a smooths asymmetrical profile and unique geometry so that the wind-lift is minimised. The Finbrella canopy shape substantially reduced the tendency to tip backwards with the wind, allowing the wind to flow through.

The ‘Fin’ acts just like a wind vane or windmill tail, turning and aligning the canopy to maintain the optimum aerodynamic position for constant wind-stability.



The lightweight Grade 6061 (T6) aluminum resin coated frames are rust free and will enable you to move them easily. The warranty on the frame is 2 years.


  • Easy hand operation with rope mechanism makes engaging the the ‘Fin’ a breeze
  • Movable paver bases with no installation required
  • Installation options available


  • High quality Canvas
  • Water-repellant and UV-resistant canopies
  • Choice between Recacrill Acrylic or Olefin fabric
  • 5 Year Warranty on Recacril acrylic fabric or 2 Year Warranty on Olefin fabric


  • Suitable for residential & commercial use
  • 316 Stainless steel components
  • Quality fabric is weather, water and UV resistant
  • Perfect for boats, patios and decks
  • Courtyards and backyards
  • Pool areas and balconies
  • Tested wind speed 90kph

f-model small umbrellas





Canopy Diameter160cm220cm280cm
Total Height142cm255cm255cm
Ground Clearance (closed)130cm180cm
Post Diameter20mm40mm40mm

f-model large umbrellas




Canopy Diameter330cm400cm
Total Height265cm265cm
Ground Clearance (closed)85cm50cm
Post Diameter50mm50mm

Recacril Acrylic Fabric Colours:

Olefin Fabric Colours:

finbrella base options:

Fixed Camlock Base

Low porfile fixed position polished stainless steel base. Very simple, very secure.

The camlock system is an Australian invention licensed to Finbrella.

To suit models: F-220, F-280, F-330 & and F-400

Moveable Camlock Base

A low profile alternative to the moveable paver base, Galvanised steel, readily relocated using the Camlock system.

To suit models: F-220, F-280, F-330 and F-400

Movable Paver Base

Strong aluminium frames with riser spigot. Uses standard size pavers of your choice to allow matching of your base to suit your setting.

To suit models: F-220, F-280, F330 and F-400

Sand Poles

Strong, lightweight aluminium finsihed with corrosion resistant coatings

To suit models: F-160, F-220 and F-280