Umbrellas Shade Solutions for your Garden and Outdoor Lifestyle

Instant Shade Umbrellas specialise in high quality, contemporary, and hard wearing umbrellas to suit your outdoor lifestyle. Our range includes umbrellas for:

  • gardens, courtyards & backyards
  • roof tops
  • BBQ areas
  • patios
  • pool and spa areas

Our umbrella frames are constructed from stylish anodised aluminium, which means you don’t have to worry about rust, flaking paint or cracking wood. The canopies are made of water repellent and UV-resistant canvas and come in a variety of stylish colours. We have many sizes and designs available, starting from 2m square to 5m square umbrellas, with a range to choose from in between.

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Cafe series umbrellas (also known as market umbrellas or patio umbrellas)

The same umbrellas used by Cafes, Restaurants and Resorts all over Australia are easily accessible for your home. Compare the quality of Instant Shade’s Cafe Series umbrellas to what you’ll find in a hardware or outdoor “chain”, and you’ll soon see the difference: Contemporary Style, Commercial Quality and Great Value.

The Cafe Series umbrella frames are constructed from strong and stylish anodised aluminium, meaning no flaking, rust or chipping ever. The canopies are made with water repellent and UV-resistant 100% solution dyed PolyOlefin fabric and come in a variety of stylish colours.

They are very easy to operate with a rope, pulley and pin locking system, plus are lightweight and compact when closed.

There are 4 sizes available to suit your needs, which are: 2m Square, 2.8m Octagonal, 3m Square and 4.2m Octagonal.

The Cafe Series umbrella can have a non-permanent base, to be moved around your outdoor area if need be, or can also be installed into decks, soil or a concrete slab for a permanent shade solution.

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Cafe Series 2m Square white umbrella on tennis court
Cafe Series 2m Square white umbrella on tennis court

Cantilever umbrellas (also known as side post umbrellas)

Our Cantilever Umbrellas are the best choice for your home when you need to utilise the maximum amount of shade from your canopy. Instant Shade’s Cantilever umbrellas  have the main post mounted to one side of the canopy, removing a center pole and opening up your space. They rotate 360-degrees allowing flexible shade and can also be tilted along the mast to block out low afternoon sun. Cantilever umbrellas are the perfect choice for pool and spa areas.

Our beautiful cantilever umbrellas have a unique “nautical” feel and are the ultimate designer addition to your outdoor area. You will simply not find a better looking cantilever umbrella on the market.

The umbrella frames are marine-grade anodised aluminium, meaning no rust, chipping or paint flaking to worry about. The canopies are made of water repellent and UV-resistant 100% solution dyed PolyOlefin and 100% solution dyed Premium Acrylic Canvas.  We stock standard colours, though premium and limited edition colours can be made to order.

Our Cantilever umbrellas range in size from 2.8m Square to 4m Octagonal.

We have 3 different Cantilever umbrellas available:

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Eclipse Cantilever umbrella 4m Octagonal
Poolside Eclipse Cantilever umbrella in 4m Octagonal size

Wall mount umbrellas

Sensible and stylish, wall mounted umbrellas are a wonderful solution for tight spaces.

Removing the need for a central pole, the Paraflex wall mounted umbrella can be simply attached to a wall, then the flexible arm and adjustable canopy allows for effortless operation. It can be folded flat against the wall when not in use and the umbrella can easily be removed from it’s bracket, for seasonal storage.

From balconies to courtyards, this wall mounted umbrella provides shade in spaces where a conventional umbrella is simply impractical.

Available in 3 different sizes: 1.9m square, 2.7m hexagonal and 3m hexagonal, with 5 standard colour options.

Upgrade to an Acrylic canvas or choose a non-standard colour for an extra cost.

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Wall Mounted Paraflex Umbrella
Wall Mounted Paraflex Umbrella in 1.9m square size.

Heavy Duty Umbrellas

These giant umbrellas offer maximum shade protection, are are extremely sturdy and robust.

Instant Shade Umbrellas Nova HD umbrella is wind rated to 80km/h, and is made with a water repellent and UV resistant 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic canvas, that comes with a 5 year warranty.

The mast has a maintenance free, long life winding handle system, and its telescopic mechanism opens and closes above furniture easily.

Available in a range of stylish colours, and 4 huge size options starting from 3m square to 5m square.

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Heavy Duty 4m square Nova HD umbrella
Heavy Duty 4m square Nova HD umbrella

Infina Umbrella

The Infina Umbrella is the unique design of Dirk Wynants for Umbrosa in Belgium, whereby the umbrella ribs are cleverly hidden on the topside of the canopy.

This allows you a beautiful streamlined view when sitting underneath your umbrella – no ribs or support arms to be seen!

Made from UV resistant and water repellent 100% Solution Dyed PolyOlefin fabric, with stainless steel cables and fittings plus a powder coated aluminium frame.

Available in 3.5m round size, with the protective cover included and 4 classic color options.

For superior functionality, the Infina umbrella is the umbrella to choose for simplicity and classic style.

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Infina 3.5m round umbrella in Black
Infina 3.5m round umbrella in Black