VIDEO – How to Install a Cantilever Umbrella on a Concrete Patio/Slab

2.8m Square Aurora Cantilever Umbrellas installed into concrete

Tips for a Successful Install:

  • As with any DIY project, ensure you have the right tools to begin with and take your time to follow the steps.
  • Watch our installation video several times before commencing
  • Ensure that you have measured and marked out the area that you would like to install your Cantilever Umbrella first, before you commence drilling any holes.
  • The concrete screws can be purchased from a specialty bolt shop (eg – The screws should be galvanised and measure 10mm in diameter (M10) x 75-125mm in length. Other types of hardware can also be used, for example Dyna Bolts.
  • When the base plate has been secured to the concrete, and the spigot to the plate, have someone help to lift the Cantilever Umbrella securely onto the spigot.

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