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How to install a Cantilever Umbrella spigot directly to a concrete slab

Home Outdoor Umbrellas How to install a Cantilever Umbrella spigot directly to a concrete slab
  • By instantumbrellas
  • May 17, 2024

To successfully install a Cantilever Umbrella Spigot directly to a concrete slab all you need to do is watch the detailed step-by-step process video (below). We’ve also included some handy tips to ensure this install runs smoothly and safely. 

Tips for a Successful Install: 

  • Watch our installation video several times before commencing the process 
  • Before you get started, check you have the correct tools needed to install the spigot to a concrete slab 
  • The center of the spigot must be 300mm from any wall and fence behind the umbrella; check thoroughly for any other obstructions too (for example fencing or furniture that the umbrella might hit as it opens and closes) 
  • Measure and mark out where you would like to install the spigot before drilling any holes in the concrete 
  • After each step check that the spigot is level before proceeding further. Use washers to level the spigot where required. 
  • Ensure the screws are tightened to the point where they are countersunk in the holes. 
  • Once you have completed the steps outlined in the video and the spigot has been securely installed into the concrete, have someone help you to lift the Cantilever Umbrella securely onto the spigot. 

For more umbrella installation information see our video page here. 

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