NeoFab Polyester Canvas

Recacril 100% Solution Dyed Premium Acrylic canvas


Special Edition Stripes

Five year canvas warranty

100% Solution Dyed Polypropylene canvas

Two year canvas warranty

Skyspan Ferrari 502 PVC

Five year canvas warranty

Performance of fabric

fabric comparison chart for umbrellas

Solution Dyed Canvas

Conventional dyed fibre

Conventional dyed fabric fibre

Solution dyed fibre

Our fabric is a solution-dyed fabric which means when the fibre is being made from a liquid form, it’s dyed before being extruded and this way the dye covers the entire fibre inside and out. The other way is to make the fibre first and then dye it, doing it this way the fabric will fade 1-2 years depending on how much sun it received as your only coating the outside of the fibre. This is a top-notch Solution Dyed Acrylic and we give 10-year warranty for residential and 5-year commercial.