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Skyspan Horizon Umbrella
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The Horizon is a versatile umbrella perfect for outdoor venues. With a fixed canopy, this model offers you permanent protection.


The Horizon is a fixed canopy permanent umbrella that is able to withstand wind speeds up to 118kph. Available in a range of shapes and sizes it is no wonder this model is popular in outdoor dining, resorts and entertainment venues. The Horizon is additionally corrosion, UV and water resistant, meaning that this umbrella will shelter you and your guests effectively for years to come.

SkySpan Sq Umb
  • Centre column is constructed from corrosion resistant aluminium
  • Engineer certified to withstand wind speeds of 118kph
  • Marine grade stainless steel components
  • Can be bolted into a concrete footing or under a deck plate
  • Powdercoated
SkySpan m Hexagonal
  • Anti-inversion cables have been used to stabilise the umbrella
  • Fixed canopy
  • Compatible with accessories such as heating and lighting
  • Centre column design
  • The umbrella weighs 110-160kg depending on the model
x Skyspan m Square Horizon umbrellas
  • Architectural grade PVC canopy
  • Waterproof and heat reflective
  • UV resistant and effective protection against fading
  • Direct to fabric printing available
  • Range of colours available
  • Pre-tensioned to prevent stretching and tearing after prolonged use

Square 2.4m


Square 3m


Square 3.5m


Square 4m


Rectangular 4m x 3m


Hexagonal 4.4m


Hexagonal 5m


Hexagonal 5.6m

Frame Colours (Powdercoated Interpon)
Skyspan Standard Frame Colour Range

Skyspan frames are powdercoated in your choice of Interpon colours. The degrassing technology of Interpon colours mean smoother fills over porous substrates and excellent colour retention. With over 30 colours to choose from you are bound to find the perfect one for your umbrella.


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Canopy Colours (Serge Ferrari Coloured PVC)
Skyspan Standard PVC Canopy Colour Range

Skyspan Umbrella canopies are made from Serge Ferrari’s Soltis Proof 502 coloured PVC. A highly resistant membrane available in 40 different colours. With a PVDF surface treatment, this canopy is highly dirt resistant. Additionally waterproof, tearproof and with the ability to block 100% of UV rays, this is the ultimate umbrella canopy for the Skyspan range.


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2.4m  |  3m  |  3.5m  |  4m  Square Models
Horizon STN

For square models of the Skyspan Horizon Umbrella, there are 3 installation options. These are ‘Bored Pier’, ‘Pad Footing’ and ‘Exisiting Slab’. This means that almost any space can have a Skyspan Horizon Umbrella regardless of the surface. For more details click the link below.


Click here for further installation information

4m x 3m  Rectangular Model
horizon rtn

The rectangular Sksyspan Horizon Umbrella model has the same installation options as the square models but with minor adjustments. These installation options are ‘Bored Pier’, ‘Pad Footing’ and ‘Existing Slab’. For more installation details click the link below.


Click here for further installation information

4.4m  |  5m  |  5.6m  Hexagonal Model
horizon htn

Similar to the other models, you can install a hexagonal Skyspan Horizon Umbrella with the following methods: ‘Bored Pier’, ‘Pad Footing’ and ‘Existing Slab’. However, some measurements do differ due to the larger size of some hexagonal models. For more details click the link below.


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