Australia's Best Commercial Cantilever Umbrella Range

Cantilever umbrellas (also known as side-post umbrellas) are perfect for commercial situations where space is at a premium and there may not be room for central umbrella poles and bases. A cantilever umbrella allows you to maximise the amount of tables and seating directly under the canopy as there is not a post and base taking up room in the middle.

It is important that commercial-grade cantilever umbrellas are used because domestic grade products will not handle the rigours of use in a commercial environment, and could be dangerous to patrons if strong wind was to suddenly hit.

There are several models available:

Below are some features to look for in commercial cantilever umbrellas:
  • Engineer wind rating – use this as a guide to the strength of an umbrella when comparing different models
  • Australian Certificate of Compliance Design (CCOD)
  • Marine-grade anodised aluminium means no rust, no paint to flake – especially if being used in coastal environments
  • Vented canopies facilitate airflow and stabilizer bars provide greater stability in wind
  • Commercial grade canvas fabrics that are water repellant, UV-resistant and colour-fast (ie. fade resistant)
  • 360° rotation if required
  • Ability to secure the umbrella to prevent theft