Beach Umbrella Warranty - Instant Shade Umbrellas

Instant Shade’s new range of beach umbrellas can be used for a variety of applications – from coffee carts, corporate functions for brand awareness, beer gardens, marketing events and more – you are only limited by your imagination. Their lightweight design and compact size make them easy to set up, whilst still creating a bold impact for your clients.


  • 8mm solid fibreglass ribs
  • Heavy Gauge Resin Parts
  • 38mm Aluminium Pole
  • Tilt available on request


  • Split post with button release for easy storage
  • Easy action push to open
  • Movable bases with no installation required


  • Printing available on all fabric
  • Water repellent and UV resistant
  • Acrylic canvas 5-year warranty against fading
  • Polyester canvas 4-year warranty against fading

1.65m Octagonal

Call for price & printing options

1.65m Octagonal Beach Umbrella

2.15m Octagonal

Call for price & printing options

2.3m Octagonal Beach Umbrella

*Capital Cities Only

Branding your very own umbrellas or cafe barriers is a very economical way of marketing. The cost of printing is determined by the quantity of umbrellas, the size and complexity of printing. Contact us with your requirements for a detailed quotation.


  • Best suited to logos that feature 1-5 spot colours
  • Printed on umbrella canvas – many colours to choose from but they must be selected from our available range (closest match to corporate colour)
  • Logo required as a vector file
  • Colours specified as Pantone/PMS codes for colour-matching of print


  • For more elaborate artwork and graphics and logos
  • Full edge-to-edge coverage of the umbrella panels is possible
  • Canvas can be made to match a corporate colour by printing the entire surface with a Pantone/PMS colour (topside of canopy only)
  • Artwork supplied as very hi-res CMYK files
  • We use and recommend UV-digital printing for most outdoor umbrella applications (increased fade resistance)
  • Sublimation printing is also available for tight budgets or where the umbrellas will only be used for occasional events
  • Click here to find out more about UV-digital vs Sublimation printing
AO Blue Printed Beach Umbrellas
Black printed commercial beach umbrellas
Jeep printed Beach umbrellas
Ben & Jerry's printed beach umbrella

cafe series market umbrella base options:


Flat umbrella base

Black powder-coated plate designed for use with sandbags, pegs or can be bolted into concrete or decking. The pipe has double-locking screws to secure the umbrella.

Base plate 40mm

To suit any umbrella post up to 40mm in diameter:
Weight = 14kg
500mm x 500mm base


Concrete umbrella base

Concrete injected into molded plastic, pegs or can be bolted into concrete or decking. The pipe has double-locking screws to secure the umbrella.

36kg concrete base plate 40mm

To suit any umbrella post up to 40mm in diameter:
500mm round

Centre Post In-ground Fitting

Inground sleeve

Using our specially designed “bazooka” in-ground fitting, umbrellas can be installed permanently in grass, concrete, paving or decking. Featuring a double locking mechanism to secure the umbrella, the in-ground sleeve has a closing lid that hides it away when the umbrella is removed.

Inground sleeve 40mm

To suit any umbrella post up to 40mm in diameter.

Download our In-ground sleeve Installation instructions here.

Umbrella sandbags weights

Sandbags (set of 2) – supplied empty for DIY filling

Our sandbags are made from heavy duty PVC with a webbing handle. You can connect the two rectangular weights together with a velcro strap to prevent movement or removal when in use. Available only in black PVC.

Approx weight when filled with sand 15-16kg each bag


LED lights

Our rechargeable LED lights comes with matching clips to attach the light to the canopy frame on any location on the arms of the umbrella. You will need to plug in and charge the batteries before use and should last approx 6 hours.