Spectra Umbrella Warranty - Instant Shade Umbrellas


Meet Umbrosa’s Spectra UX collection: 2 unique models with each model radiates a beautiful sense of colour, fabric and material, combined with ultimate functionality and ergonomics. The umbrellas contribute to the look and feel of any outdoor setting. These models are inspired by the clean and refined architecture, the liveliness and unpredictability of nature, and the warmth and softness of the Mediterranean culture.

  • Fan technology
  • Strong and wind resistant
  • Contemporary minimalism
  • The Spectra UX mobile base and concrete anchorage comes with a rotation spigot which is 360° rotatable
  • The Spectra UX can easily be folded together against the central pole
  • The protection cover in Sunbrella Flanelle is included


NOTE: The original Spectra umbrella has been discontinued in Australia effective May 2021. The new Spectra UX Collection will be available in 2022.


  • Marine-grade materials guarantee longevity
  • Anodized aluminium finish is salt water resistant
  • Rust free and no paint or powder coating to crack or chip
  • Proprietary oval-shaped arms, exclusively designed connectors and central hubs
  • 3 year warranty


  • Easy to open
  • UV resistant resin components
  • Highest grade stainless steel components


  • 98.75% UV resistant (UPF80)
  • Premium 100% Polyolefin fabric
  • 100% recyclable, water repellent
  • Can be washed at 40°
  • 2 Year warranty

Because of it’s unique shape, the Spectra offers an endless variety of positions. This stunning shadow maker combines the beauty of the flat design with the functionality of the fan system. The Spectra umbrella closes horizontally instead of vertically which makes this umbrella a truly unique and contemporary concept.

Spectra UX 3m Square (forward)


Spectra UX 3m Square (straight)


*Capital Cities Only

Architecture Full Black

Architecture Full White


We have several options for installing the Spectra umbrella. You can simply purchase  the inground sleeve which is a “semi-permanent” method that provides the most safe and secure operation. Alternatively you can mount the spigot directly to an existing surface, or use the heavy duty 880 base with optional wheel set.

Rotating Spigot (Included)

Inground Sleeve

The inground sleeve is to be used for garden beds, lawn or any other soft surface or a paved area with sand/aggregate under the pavers. The hole will need to be a minimum of 40cm wide and 70cm deep and belled out at the bottom. Once the concrete is set approx 2-3 days (depending on weather conditions) you can install the umbrella to the sleeve

Matching Wheel Base RRP TBA 

This nonpermanent option is perfect for areas where you would like to move the umbrella to different locations around the garden or if you live in a rental property.

Please note the pavers are not included.

Protective cover (Included)

Etna LED light with remote

Made with a magnetised base the light can be placed on any metal surface, umbrella canopy, table top or even floated in a swimming pool. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use it has has an 8-10 hour battery life, and 24 different colour options. The Etna light comes complete with an induction charger, electrical adapter, infrared remote control, magnet and storage bag.