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Connecting outdoor umbrellas with removeable gutters

Using multiple large outdoor umbrellas to cover an outdoor space can be a very effective method of providing shade and shelter. But between each umbrella will be a gap, and that gap can allow sun and rain to sneak through. Instant Shade Umbrellas have developed a unique removeable gutter system to connect umbrellas together, creating […]

  • instantumbrellas
  • September 1, 2023
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Umbrellas with Built-In Heating & Lighting

In a city known for its vibrant dining culture, creating captivating outdoor spaces is essential for restaurants and bars to stand apart from the competition and thrive. Instant Shade Umbrellas can assist by providing a unique solution that’s redefining al fresco dining in the Sydney CBD. Introducing our latest project where giant commercial umbrellas meet […]

Umbrella Base Options – how to safely secure your umbrella

When it comes to securing your umbrella there are many different options to choose from. The most important thing is that the umbrella is adequately stabilised and cannot fall over or blow away in the wind. Freestanding bases offer the flexibility of being able to move the umbrella, while fixed installation provides greater wind resistance. [...]

VIDEO – How to Install a Cantilever Umbrella on a Timber Deck

Tips for a Successful Install: Before you get started, check you have the correct tools needed to install the Cantilever Umbrella to the timber deck Watch our installation video several times before commencing Measure and mark out your where you would like to install the Cantilever Umbrella, before drilling any holes in the decking Carefully […]

VIDEO – How to Install a Cantilever Umbrella on a Concrete Patio/Slab

Tips for a Successful Install: As with any DIY project, ensure you have the right tools to begin with and take your time to follow the steps. Watch our installation video several times before commencing Ensure that you have measured and marked out the area that you would like to install your Cantilever Umbrella first, […]

Heavy Duty Cantilever Umbrellas

Our Heavy Duty Cantilever Umbrella, the ‘Eclipse’ is the perfect choice in a Commercial setting where you need to maximise your shade coverage, as it has no central post. Shown here at the Lorne Sea Baths, the Eclipse has a full 360 degree rotation, which shelters and shades the swimmers throughout the day. With increasing […]

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