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Cantilever Umbrella Placement Guide

Home Helpful Hints Cantilever Umbrella Placement Guide
  • By instantumbrellas
  • June 14, 2022


One of the easiest ways to increase your usable outdoor space, provide shelter from sunlight and rain, while transforming the look and feel of your outdoors is by adding a Cantilever Umbrella.

However, your Cantilever Umbrella placement is going to depend on a few factors:

  • think about where you spend the most time in your yard
  • the size of the space that needs protection from overhead sun
  • what direction the outdoor space faces (e.g West)
  • are you protecting outdoor furniture
  • does it need to protect multiple areas with it’s 360 degree rotation
  • are there any obstructions in your yard e.g low hanging branches, eaves, lighting
  • will it be fixed permanently, or does it need to be free-standing
  • are there any regulations or by-laws that need to be adhered to e.g. pool shade


Once you have decided on the size of Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella to suit your space, the next decision is whether to fix it permanently, or have the flexibility to move it around.


If you are wanting to shade multiple areas, a free standing base (potentially with wheels) will be your best option. Moreover, this allows you endless options of where to place your Cantilever Umbrella. This is an especially useful option if you are renting and cannot affix a permanent base structure.


The 2 main options for a fixed base for your Cantilever Umbrella are;

  • Bolt down: this base bolts your umbrella down to a base-plate – this is best for deck, concrete or paver installations
  • In-ground: this base secures your umbrella into the ground – this is best for garden beds

Our Eclipse and Aurora Cantilever umbrellas have the benefit of 360 degree rotation, which means if your umbrella has been fixed permanently, this still gives you the option of rotating your umbrella to where you need the most shade coverage.

More information on our base options for Cantilever Umbrellas can be found here.


In conclusion, our stockists are always happy to offer advice on the best placement for your Cantilever Umbrella.

So, by measuring your area, taking photos, and even marking out the footprint of the umbrella, our stockists will be able to guide you on the optimum placement.

Most importantly, our stockists are based Australia wide, and can be found here.


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