Branded Commercial umbrellas at 2 Brothers Brewery

Congratulations to 2Brothers Brewery

We love a local business success story – 2Brothers Brewery have taken out 3 golds and 2 trophies at the 2017 Australian International Beer Awards.

2Brothers is a hidden gem in Moorabbin. A Melbourne owned business, with all of their beer and cider made on site, they are also open to the public from Thurs – Sunday for meals and often have live music too.

With the need for a ‘beer garden’, they also needed somewhere to keep their patrons protected from the sun and the rain, for those brave enough to sit outdoors in Winter.

Instant Shade Umbrellas helped create Custom Printed umbrellas for their outdoor space, matching the business logo and colours to blend in beautifully.

Digital printing onto our umbrella fabric is a very easy process, where you are not limited by your design specifications.

The cafe series umbrellas are UV resistant and water repellent, and are a great easy option for breweries, cafes and restaurants.

Made with a lightweight anodized aluminium frame, the cafe series umbrellas won’t rust, flake or chip and are easy to open and close with a rope and pulley system.

Instant Shade Umbrellas cafe series range have moveable bases available if you need to store the umbrellas away, or they can be mounted into the ground.

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Black Cafe Series umbrellas at Jackalope Mornington Peninsula

Hotel of the Year – Jackalope Mornington Peninsula

Instant Shade Umbrellas are proud to Congratulate the ‘Hotel of the Year’ and ‘Regional Hotel of the Year’ winner, Jackalope Mornington Peninsula for taking out these 2 awards at the Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Guide Awards for 2017.

This beautiful boutique hotel features an a stunning range of suites, modern art, fine dining, a cocktail lounge, cellar door and food store, in house massage, an Infinity pool plus the ‘Geode’ pool deck pavillion.

It is here on the Geode pool deck that our black cafe series umbrellas are featured, blending in seamlessly with the clean lines of architecture, overlooking the vineyard. A perfect example where ‘less is more’.

Our cafe series umbrellas are a classic yet contemporary option for poolside shade solutions, as they are UV resistant and water repellent, easy to open and close and are made from quality anodized aluminium frames, so you won’t have to worry about rusting, chipping or flaking.

Available in 4 sizes with 4 standard colours, they can be installed into decking via an inground fitting, or can be mounted in a base plate if you need to move them around.

For more information, please click here – Commercial Cafe Series Umbrellas

Heavy Duty Cantilever Umbrellas

Our Heavy Duty Cantilever Umbrella, the ‘Eclipse’ is the perfect choice in a Commercial setting where you need to maximise your shade coverage, as it has no central post. Shown here at the Lorne Sea Baths, the Eclipse has a full 360 degree rotation, which shelters and shades the swimmers throughout the day. With increasing reminders from the Cancer Council to not only ‘slip, slop slap’, but to now ‘Seek out Shade’ the Eclipse can provide shade that rotates where you need it most.

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Digitally Printed Promotional Umbrellas – Dye Sublimation vs UV-Ink Digital Printing

Branded umbrellas are one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising, particularly in hospitality environments such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, resorts, wineries, etc. They are a great way of getting your logo out there, while at the same time providing patrons with something they genuinely need when sitting outside – protection from the sun and rain.

Traditionally branded umbrellas are screen printed with relatively simple 1 or 2 colour logos in fixed positions on the umbrella canopy and/or valance. However, increasingly designers and marketing experts are wanting to create more elaborate eye-catching designs that cannot be achieved with screen printing. This is where digital printing is required. Digital printing allows for full-colour high-resolution graphics to be applied to the whole surface of the umbrella canopy. There are two forms of digital printing commonly used for umbrellas:

Dye Sublimation:

The artwork is first printed on to a special type of paper that has a coating expressly designed to hold and then later on release (under heat and pressure) the printed image. The paper is brought into contact with the fabric in a heat press. The ink on the paper is then “gassed” directly onto the fibers of the canvas. This is the sublimation process where the solid colorant is converted into a gas to penetrate into the fabric. It results in vibrant colours and a print that can’t be scratched or separated from the canvas.

Flatbed (Direct) Digital Print:

A flatbed digital printer is used to print directly on the umbrella canvas. To achieve the best resistance to fading, UV inks should be used. These inks are cured by UV-light, and are inherently more colour-fast than standard ink. UV inks can be expensive compared to other inks, and since UV printing essentially lays down a thin polymer film, this can also result in stiffer printed canvas.

Digital printing using UV inks is much more colour-fast than sublimation printing. Since umbrellas are exposed to a lot of sunlight, especially in a hospitality setting where they might be used every day, it is important to make sure that your umbrella supplier is quoting/using the highest quality UV inks and not dye-sublimation. Cheaper sublimation printing might save you a bit of money initially, but if you have to replace your umbrellas every 3-6 months because they are faded and look shabby, it will cost you more in the long-run.

Below are some great examples of UV-digitally printed umbrellas produced by Instant Shade Umbrellas for one of our customers, Stockade Brew Co. They make great beer, check them out at:

For more information about branded promotional umbrellas, visit: