4m Oct Eclipse Cantilever Umbrella in Timber Decking

VIDEO – How to Install a Cantilever Umbrella on a Timber Deck

Tips for a Successful Install:

  • Before you get started, check you have the correct tools needed to install the Cantilever Umbrella to the timber deck
  • Watch our installation video several times before commencing
  • Measure and mark out your where you would like to install the Cantilever Umbrella, before drilling any holes in the decking
  • Carefully remove the timber decking either side of the base plate
  • Ensure the nog you are installing underneath the base plate, (between the decking joists) is at least 400mm wide for stability, and 50-100mm thick
  • The bolts to secure the base plate to the decking/nog will need to be longer than the thickness of your nog
  • Use large washers and nuts to secure the bolts underneath the nog
  • Once base plate is securely fastened, attach the spigot to the base plate using the supplied stainless steel spigot bolts
  • Re-attach your timber decking in place before mounting the umbrella to the spigot.
  • When the base plate has been secured to the decking, and the spigot to the plate, have someone help to lift the Cantilever Umbrella securely onto the spigot.

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2.8m Square Aurora Cantilever Umbrellas installed into concrete

VIDEO – How to Install a Cantilever Umbrella on a Concrete Patio/Slab

Tips for a Successful Install:

  • As with any DIY project, ensure you have the right tools to begin with and take your time to follow the steps.
  • Watch our installation video several times before commencing
  • Ensure that you have measured and marked out the area that you would like to install your Cantilever Umbrella first, before you commence drilling any holes.
  • The concrete screws can be purchased from a specialty bolt shop (eg – www.costlessbolts.com.au). The screws should be galvanised and measure 10mm in diameter (M10) x 75-125mm in length. Other types of hardware can also be used, for example Dyna Bolts.
  • When the base plate has been secured to the concrete, and the spigot to the plate, have someone help to lift the Cantilever Umbrella securely onto the spigot.

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Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrella

Our most stylish Commercial Cantilever umbrella, the Spectra, makes a stunning addition to any cafe, restaurant, bar or resort area.

Made from marine grade materials to ensure longevity, with an anodized aluminium finish it is the perfect choice for marine locations. The Spectra adds a touch of sophistication with it’s flat and unobtrusive canopy.

3m Square Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas in White with straight pole
3m Square Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas in White with straight pole

The Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrella has a unique “fan” canopy closing system, with no winders or pulleys, and comes with either an angled or straight mast. It can be closed and folded into a compact position, when the umbrella is not in use.

This deluxe commercial cantilever umbrella offers maximum shade coverage with a full 360 degree rotation, and infinity tilt system along the mast. This allows your clients to move the umbrella canopy in line with where they need sun protection the most.

3m Square Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas in Red with Angled Pole
3m Square Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas in Red with Angled Pole

The Spectra comes with a wind rating of 50km/h, and a 2 year warranty on the frame, plus 3 year warranty on the canvas.

For more information on the Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrella, please click here.

See the beautiful Spectra Commercial Cantilever Umbrella in action at 7 Secrets Resort below.



Etna light on black Spectra umbrella

ETNA Light

Instant Shade Umbrellas have a range of accessories to compliment your outdoor living area, including the Belgian designed ETNA Light by Umbrosa.

This stunning light is a great alternative to candles or spirit based table top fires, which is a great safe alternative around children.

The ETNA light’s unique magnetized base means the light can be placed on any metal surface, umbrella canopy, or table top for an atmospheric glow.

It can even be floated on water, which is great for dusk swimming in the pool!

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, the ETNA light has an 8-10 hour battery life, and 24 different colour options. These can be changed by simple remote control, or even placed on a scrolling colour changer.

The Etna light comes with an induction charger, electrical adapter, infrared remote control, magnet and storage bag.

Etna light on Spectra umbrella at dusk

It is the perfect outdoor accessory for your entertaining area!

For more information on the ETNA light, please click here.


Nova HD umbrella in 4m Square

Heavy Duty Umbrellas for Schools

Our Nova Heavy Duty Umbrellas for schools are an excellent source of shade, and a great alternative to shade sails.

Schools across Australia have strict policies for their children during the Summer months, with a hat being a compulsory part of the school uniform. If children forget their hats, they must play in the shade.

The Nova HD is a giant telescopic heavy duty umbrella, that has a water repellent and UV resistant canopy.

The huge canopy (up to 5m) provides excellent shade protection, and is wind rated up to 80km/h. This means the umbrella doesn’t need to be opened and closed every day.

Available in 4 different sizes, the Nova Heavy Duty umbrella can be installed into grass or concrete.

Nova HD umbrella in 4m square

The Nova Heavy Duty Umbrella is easy to open and close with a maintenance free, long life winding handle system.

The perfect solution for providing necessary shade to schools, kindergartens and day care centres.

For more information on the Nova Heavy Duty umbrella, please click here.

Monaco Outdoor Umbrella 3.0m Octagonal Black

Premium Patio Umbrella

The Monaco Premium Patio Umbrella is the newest umbrella in our range.

Most noteworthy, the Premium Patio Umbrella utilizes all the great design and build quality of the Eclipse cantilever, in a centre-pole umbrella.

It can have a movable base with no installation required, or can be fixed in-ground. It is the ultimate pool side umbrella, and is perfect for coastal locations.

In addition, you won’t need to worry about rusting or paint flaking with the anodized aluminium frame.


– water repellent and UV resistant canopy, it is easy to open and close with a rope and pulley system.

– made from marine-grade materials, with a heavy duty 50mm diameter post to guarantee longevity.

– available in 3 sizes and 4 standard colours

Therefore, we think The Monaco is the finest quality market umbrella in Australia.

Monaco Outdoor Umbrella 3.5m Octagonal Smoked Tweed

Monaco Premium Patio Umbrella in 3m Square

For more information on the Monaco Premium Patio Umbrella, please click here.


Custom Branded Umbrellas

Quality Commercial Umbrellas for Sporting Events

We are proud to supply our umbrellas to the Australian Open tennis for another year. We can supply a range of shade-related services, including: producing quality commercial umbrellas for sponsors, hire of umbrellas on hot days, through to maintenance and safety certification.

Branded Umbrellas:

We produced custom branded umbrellas for numerous high profile companies, which provided valuable shade coverage. With a record number of patrons attending Melbourne and Olympic Park, this was an excellent source of marketing for our clients.

Custom Branded Umbrellas

Commercial Cafe Series Umbrellas:

These quality aluminium umbrellas have water repellent and UV resistant canopies, and are easy to open and close with a rope and pulley system – they were the perfect shade protection for the scorching heat during the tournament. They are also one of the few commercial umbrellas on the market with an Australian Certificate of Compliance Design (CoCD). The commercial cafe series umbrellas are also engineered to withstand wind speeds dictated by specific council and event safety requirements.

Commercial umbrellas

Commercial Cafe Series Umbrellas in Red

For more information on our commercial cafe series umbrellas, please click here.

For more information on custom printing umbrellas, please click here.

Wind Rated Umbrellas at Flemington Racecourse

Instant Shade umbrellas recently completed installation of high wind rated umbrellas at the Iconic Flemington Racecourse, in Melbourne. The umbrellas are located in a high wind area on a balcony deck, just off of the main race track, so needed to withstand the elements.

Our client chose custom printed Skyspan Vista Commercial Cantilever umbrellas, to provide shade for it’s patrons during the Spring Racing carnival.

The Skyspan Vista commercial umbrella has a wind rating to “W33 / 112km/h” when they are open, plus a cantilever arm allowing a clear area under the canopy. The Vista range is rotatable 360 degrees and are also retractable, allowing them to be closed in the cooler months if need be.

These high wind rated umbrellas come in a range of sizes, starting at 2.4m up to a huge 5.6m, and come in square, hexagonal and rectangular shapes.

These commercial umbrellas are low maintenance and made from structural grade steel, which is galvanized then powder coated. Custom printing is also an option, to ensure your business branding is highly visible, whilst providing shade to your patrons.

Skyspan Vista Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas at Flemington Racecourse

For projects where high wind rating umbrellas are required, we would recommend:

* Nova HD Heavy Duty umbrellas – for more information click here.

* Skyspan Structural umbrellas – for more information click here.


Design Trend – Striped Umbrellas

An emerging design trend we have been witnessing at Instant Shade Umbrellas is for classic striped umbrellas for backyard renovations, outdoor living/dining areas, as well as cafe’s and restaurants.

The monochrome black and white striped umbrella is the perfect classic combination to suit any outdoor color scheme. We are seeing more and more backyards using white, charcoal and black in their base design, which beautifully compliments a black and white striped umbrella.

Other classic colour combinations to add a pop of colour are sailors navy and white, for a nautical feel or yellow and white, which instantly makes us feel happy and think of sunny days.

For more inspiration on striped umbrellas visit our Gallery.



The Block Umbrellas

The Block is Australia’s most popular lifestyle and home renovation TV show that is filming its thirteenth season, with Scott Cam returning as host. Breaking away from the usual format this year, they have obtained a vacant block of land in the beautiful suburb of Elsternwick, and placed 5 period homes side by side, to be transformed by the contestants of The Block 2017.

Each week Australian’s can watch the 5 couples tackle a new area, (sometimes 2 in 1 week) where they completely transform them into stunning rooms. This readies the houses for sale at auction, where the team who earns the highest profit above the set reserve price, will then win an additional $100,000.

One of our stockists in Melbourne, BBQs and Outdoors, were asked to supply The Block with  our umbrellas, for their ‘back yard week’ where 5 backyards were transformed into amazing outdoor spaces.

Instant Shade Umbrellas team of professional installers arrived on site to be inducted and quickly settled into the chaos and hustle and bustle of working on The Block. The amount of tradespeople, power tools, camera crews and contestants all packed into one space was mind boggling. With our hard hats, steel cap boots, high-vis vests and safety regulations firmly in place, we were delighted to be able to assist 3 out of 5 contestants with umbrellas for their backyard areas.

Working within a limited space and on a very tight schedule (yes, they really do only have one week to complete an area), we were able to ascertain the right umbrella product for Sticks & Wombat, Josh & Elyse, and Hannah & Clint.

The Block umbrellas provided were: a wall mounted Paraflex umbrella; a Paraflex umbrella installed on a pole fixed to timber decking; and one of our brand new Monaco Premium Patio umbrellas on a standard base plate.

It was a race to the finish, but the end results were breathtaking. Watch this space when we can reveal our umbrellas featured in the completed backyards.

For further information on the Paraflex Umbrella range please click here.

For further information on the Monaco Premium Patio Umbrella range please click here.

Installing the Base Plate for the Paraflex umbrella pole
Preparing the Wall Mount bracket for our Paraflex umbrella